Three Tips For Ensuring The Best Possible Polish On Your Non-Porous Stone Countertop

Posted on: 22 March 2015


Since they don't let any air through, non-porous stone countertops are easier to clean and polish than their porous counterparts. Nevertheless, there's plenty of room for a bad or mediocre polish to ruin the look of your whole kitchen. To ensure that your stone countertop always looks as polished and presentable as you can get it, go over these three tips.

Don't Get A High-end Polisher Without A Great Polishing Cloth

While it's possible to polish your non-porous countertop with just rubbing alcohol and water, there's certainly a place for high-end stone polishing mixes with more specialized chemicals. However, if you don't have a great polishing cloth with very fine and small threads, much of your quality stone polishing mix will go to waste.

So before spending lots of money on a polishing mix, get a really nice polishing cloth that can easily retain and transmit any kind of household cleaning mix. Instead of using it for all of your cleaning needs, however, this cloth should be saved for when you're actually polishing non-porous stone.

Utilize A Steam Cleaner Before Polishing

Steam cleaning your countertop before you polish it is a great way to ensure that any small residual stains have been completely removed. This will make your countertop much smoother and shinier. It will also make it easier to move your polishing cloth all the way across your countertop in a smooth and uninterrupted motion.

Most handheld steam cleaners come with an attachment that can be used on stone countertops. They're also especially ideal for non-porous stone because there's no danger of water infiltration.

Use Paint Thinner On Particularly Serious Stains

Depending on what kind of food you eat at home, you may have stains that are impossible to remove through less drastic means than paint thinner. If you don't address these stains before you polish your countertop, you'll never be able to make a smooth motion with your polishing cloth. This will derail the polishing process and ensure that you you'll never be able to apply a perfectly smooth and slick coat of polish.

You don't have to use a lot of paint thinner on your countertop. If you want to, just use enough directly on the stain to supplement your normal cleaning mix.

Any type of countertop looks beautiful when it's recently been polished. Especially for a non-porous stone countertop, polishing is just about the best thing you can easily do to improve its appearance. If you have more questions about caring for your countertop, contact a company like Artisan Granite & Marble.