4 Benefits Of Regular Septic Maintenance

Posted on: 21 January 2022


If you have a septic tank, then regular maintenance is an important task to schedule. The tank should be inspected annually, and then it will also require pumping every few years at a frequency that is dependent upon tank and household size. There are many reasons to stick to this inspection and maintenance schedule, as the following illustrates.

1. Reduced Drain Field Clogs

Drain fields can persist as a healthy meadow or lawn area for decades, as long as the effluent that enters it has been properly processed through the septic tank. If the tanks need cleaning or if there is another issue with its processing of waste, then clogs of partially processed effluent can end up in the drain field, where it will clog up the field -- possibly to the point where it will have to be dug out and put back in, which is quite expensive and time consuming. 

2. Improved Drain Flow

Clogs may also occur in the sewer lines that run between the house and the septic tank, which can lead to messy and smelly backups inside the home. An overly full tank or one suffering from maintenance issues are the main culprits for slow drains and clogs in the house, so save yourself the headache and schedule regular tank maintenance. 

3. Proactive Repair Plans

During an annual inspection your technician will check all of the areas where problems are most likely to occur, such as with the baffles that connect the tanks to each other, as well as to the inlet and outlet drain lines. Tank risers and lids are inspected, along with the drain field and the condition of the sewer lines that connect tank to home. This means problems are caught early in their development, when repairs can be carried out before major damages occur.

4.  Increased System Life

A septic tank and drain field system can last for decades if the tank is regularly pumped out and maintained. Putting off inspections and pumping shortens the life of the tank, and the installation of a replacement system will cost far more than an equal amount of regular maintenance for the old system over its life. The most cost effective thing to do is to keep up on regular maintenance so that your existing system has the longest service life possible. 

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