3 Types Of Portable Barbecues To Buy

Posted on: 30 September 2022


While there are lots of large barbecues on the market that can be a good addition to your deck or patio, a retailer that specializes in barbecues will have all sorts of smaller units for sale, too. Typically known as portable barbecues, these grills are valuable because of their small size. You can take a portable barbecue wherever you want to cook, whether it's your campsite, outside of a sports stadium before a game, or even at a friend's house when they're planning a large get-together and need a secondary grill. There are several types of portable barbecues to buy, including the following.


When you visit a barbecue retailer, you'll see several tabletop portable barbecues. This term generally describes the smallest grills on the market. As its name suggests, this is a grill that you'll typically set up on a flat, elevated surface. Examples can include picnic tables, pickup truck tailgates, and more. While the compact size of a tabletop grill won't allow you to cook a large volume of food in a short amount of time, it can be ideal for a small group of people. Additionally, because of its small size, you won't need to worry about this type of barbecue taking up too much space in your vehicle.


You can also expect to see several wheeled portable barbecues. These units tend to be a little larger than tabletop units, but their defining trait is that they have legs and wheels. This allows you to easily move your portable barbecue around without having to carry it. Whether you'll wheeling it from your vehicle to your campsite or returning it to your backyard shed after a trip, you'll appreciate the legs and wheels. Most of these models have two wheels, which means that you'll pick up one end of the unit and roll it. This method of movement is easy for just one person.


Another option when you shop for a portable barbecue is to choose a folding model. This product has legs beneath the grill that fold easily. This design is handy if you expect to cook in an area without an elevated surface. Instead of having to place your barbecue directly on the ground, you can extend the legs so that the grill is easier to reach. Learn more about each of these portable barbecues and shop for the right one for your family at a local barbecue retailer.

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