• 4 Things To Have In Place Before Beginning Your Home Improvement Project

    Whether you were the best woodworker in your high school woodworking class or just a natural at making small fixes around the house, completing your first home improvement project will give you a sense of accomplishment like none other. After studying different floor plans and tutorials you will likely be convinced that you can pull it off, and rightfully so. There are only a couple of major considerations that you should keep in mind to stay within your budget, prevent against going over designated time allotment and keeping clutter to a minimum.
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  • Aerating Your Lawn: What Is It And How Do You Do It?

    If you want a good looking yard, you put a lot of work into it. You mow it, you rake it, you fertilize it, and you reseed any bare patches. While you are doing all that you should also make sure that you are aerating—one of the most beneficial aspects of lawn care.  What Is Aerating? The soil of your yard can become compacted. This is especially true if your soil is a clay soil or your yard gets a lot of foot traffic.
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