2 Landscaping Tips To Make Your Yard Beautiful

Posted on: 25 August 2015


Nice landscaping can transform a yard from drab to beautiful. If you desire landscaping for your home, follow the tips below. Many of these things you can do on your own if you do not want to hire a landscaper.

Flower Garden

You can make your yard really stand out with colorful flowers. You should consider building a nice flower garden and placing flowers other strategic places. A flower garden can be any shape and size you desire, and they are not difficult to make.  

One of the main things you have to consider is the placement for your garden. Many flowers require full sun, which is having at least six to eight hours of unfiltered, direct sunlight per day. Other flowers need partial shade. These flowers can handle direct sunlight in the morning, but need to have partial shade during the afternoon. Planting these flowers to where the sun filters through a tree in the afternoons is ideal. Full shade flowers grow well when they sit in the shade most of the day. Many of these flowers can handle a very small amount of sun.

When purchasing the flowers, ask the garden center attendant about the sun requirements for the ones you like. They can help you decide what flowers will grow well in your flower bed.

Once you finish making the flower bed, make it look nicer by putting an edging around it. This also keeps weeds away from it. You can find natural stone pieces at most garden centers to put around it to make a beautiful border.

Natural Stepping Stone Garden Path

Once you get your flower bed ready, use natural stones to make a beautiful path to it. You can do this on your own if you prefer. 

Natural stone pavers and cobblestone work well for garden paths. You can find them at garden centers and masonry shops. You will find them in a variety of shapes and sizes to create the kind of path you want.  You will also have to determine the space you want between the stones. Walk along the path yourself and see where your feet land. This can give you a good indication on the spacing.

You can lay the stepping stones in a straight line, or weave them around things like a bench or structure, such as a small water fountain, if you want to showcase these things as people are walking to your garden.

For help picking out your own stone, contact a company such as Old World Stone.