Investing In A Backyard Patio Awning: What To Consider

Posted on: 6 October 2015


Do you spend less time lounging on the backyard patio on hot days? You may enjoy relaxing on the patio more if you invest in a cover for it, and an awning may be the best type for you to get. Find out below what to consider when deciding if a patio awning is right for you, as well as what you are estimated to spend on one.

What Should a Homeowner Consider About a Patio Awning?

You should consider getting a patio awning because you have the option of getting one that is retractable or stationary. The great thing about a retractable awning is that you can move it back when you are in the mood for the sun, such as when lounging on the patio to tan. You can also retract the awning when it is too windy outside. Protecting the awning from bad weather can help with keeping it durable.

Another thing to consider is that an awning can bring your patio more appeal. There are various options to choose from when you need an awning that complements the exterior of your home. For instance, you can opt for a fabric or metal awning in various designs. You also have the option of getting your awning customized with your own designs or writings.

The greatest perk of covering your patio with an awning is the protection it can provide to your belongings in the interior of the house. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can easily shine through your patio doors and damage furniture when there is no cover to prevent it from happening. Ultraviolet rays are able to fade leather, wood and window treatments. The rays can also lead to more heat entering your home and causing you to have hiring energy bills when the air conditioner is running.

How Much Should a Homeowner Expect a Patio Awning to Cost?

You should expect to pay at least $100 to purchase a metal patio awning. If you want a fabric awning, you are estimated to spend a minimum of $150. Retractable awnings are estimated to cost between $250 and $4,000. Whether or not you opt for getting the awning customized will also have an effect on the overall price.

Spend more time on your patio without worrying about getting too much sun. Get in touch with an awning dealer like Allied Awning so you can purchase one to cover your backyard patio!