Transforming Your Yard Into A Winter Holiday Wonderland: Ideas For You

Posted on: 10 November 2015


As winter fast approaches and the last of the leaves on your trees begin to fall, you cannot help but think ahead to snow and the holidays. And, if you are a homeowner who always wants your home to look as beautiful as possible, inside and out, you begin to wonder how you can transform your yard from your summer sanctuary into a winter wonderland in time for the holidays. Get to know a few ways that you can get started transforming your yard into that winter holiday wonderland so that you can get started before the first snow falls.

Add Twinkling Lights to Your Existing Landscaping

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help your yard feel magical this winter is to add twinkling lights to the landscaping elements you already have. This is much easier to do when it is still relatively warm during the fall, rather than when the cold winter weather has already begun.

You can wrap the twinkling lights around tree trunks and the larger branches of your trees, around standing lanterns that light your yard, and in pine trees or throughout evergreen bushes. For an additional magical effect, you can get some outdoor rope lights and line paths in your yard with them. Using rope lights rather than standard twinkling lights along the ground will help to prevent bulbs from getting stepped on and broken.

The best colors for a magical effect are clear, white, or blue (or some combination of the three). Once the snow falls, those lights will make your yard sparkle even more, and your yard will seem like a glowing winter paradise.

Plant a Winter Garden

Many people do not realize it, but spring is not the only season in which plants can blossom. There are several different beautiful plants that not only survive winter but blossom and thrive in the cold winter weather.

To make your yard into a winter wonderland, you may want to consider planting a winter garden or adding a few different plants that flourish in winter to your landscaping design. Plants such as pine or evergreen trees and bushes are always options to add to your landscaping in the fall. These add a holiday magic to your yard.

Other plants that bloom and blossom in winter include winterberry, which is a type of holly that bears bright red berries in the winter, flowering quince with its rich red flowers, and witch hazel with its uniquely beautiful yellow and red flowers that remind you of a gorgeous sunset or sunrise. These, among many other winter-blooming plants can add color and variety to your yard, making it into a colorful and gorgeous winter wonderland for you and your family to enjoy.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to transform your yard into a winter holiday wonderland, you can get started on your landscaping work. You will have a beautiful yard for winter before you know it.