Getting Rid Of Pesky Dandelions To Improve Your Landscape's Appearance

Posted on: 18 October 2016


If you own a home, and you noticed there are several dandelions marring the appearance of your lawn, you will most likely want to take the necessary steps in removing them effectively. There are several ways one can battle a dandelion problem without using harsh chemicals in the process. Here are two natural ways you can get dandelions out of your yard so your grass and foliage is not at risk of crowding or poor appearance from the presence of these weeds.

Remove Dandelions By Hand Or With A Lifting Tool

If you decide to undertake the project in removing dandelions by hand, there are a few tips you can use to do this successfully. If the dandelions are in the seeding state, it will be necessary to cover the white puffy portion of each dandelion with a plastic sandwich bag before attempting to remove them from the ground. This will contain the seeds as the dandelion is lifted, helping to reduce the chance of seed spreading. Dump the contents of the sandwich bag into a larger plastic bag before reusing it for the next weed.

Grasp each dandelion close to the ground and pull up with force. Pulling from the top portion could lead to the roots remaining underground, which would allow the dandelions to regrow quickly. If desired, use a dandelion lifting tool to help with the task. This tool has two small prongs which are inserted into the ground so one prong is resting on either side of the stem. Pull upward to remove the dandelion in its entirety.

Keep Your Lawn Shaded To Discourage Dandelion Growth

Dandelions tend to thrive in areas where abundant sunshine is present. To help reduce the number of weeds you have in your yard, keep your lawn at a longer length than you usually do. Setting your lawnmower so the blades are lifted slightly will allow your lawn to aid in shading the ground. This will require that you do more frequent mowing sessions, but the trade-off is a lawn without unsightly dandelions intertwined among blades of grass.

In areas where dandelions are abundant, consider covering them with a black tarp or trash bag during sunny hours of the day. This will not harm your grass if done sporadically, but will have dire effects on the dandelions themselves. The heat from the covering, in addition to the shade it provides, will keep dandelions from growing in a healthy state. They will wilt and soon die from this process.

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