Four Tips For Having Stone Facing Added To Your Home

Posted on: 7 November 2016


Having stone facing put on the front of your home can greatly increase the overall value of the property. It is important to take your time making all of the decisions that come with having a stone face placed on your home. Consider the following factors before having any stone facing added to your home.

Consider the Amount of Space that Needs to be Covered

The first thing you need to consider is how much space you want covered in stone on the front of your home. You need to have the technician who will be adding the stone to your home measure the spaces so that you can know how many square feet you need to cover with the stone facing. Stone is often sold in large, bulk quantities based on the amount of square feet that it can cover. You need to know how much space you want covered to ensure that you purchase enough stone at the very beginning because matching up stone later on down the road can be quite difficult.

Consider the Size of the Stones You Want Used

Stones that are used for stone facing are available in many different sizes. On larger homes, larger stones create a nice look, but on smaller homes the large stones can overwhelm the home. It is important to choose a size stone that will fit the size of your home nicely.

Consider the Color of the Stones

You also need to determine what color stones you think would look best on your home. Take the color of the trim, the shingles, and all other exterior characteristics of your home into account before choosing one color over another color. You want to be sure that the color will complement the existing colors and not make your home look like a hodgepodge of home improvement jobs.

Consider the Grout Color

When stone facing is added to a home, grout is used between the stones to fill in any gaps. You need to choose what color of grout you feel would look best between the stones. At many stone sellers, there is a machine that you can use that will help you determine what color grout will match up with the stone that you have chosen the best. This machine can make choosing the right grout much easier.

Allow the technician who is laying the stone to have plenty of space to work. Be sure that animals and children are not bothering him or her while they are doing their job to ensure that they can get everything done as quickly as they possibly can.

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