A Patio Awning Positioned In The Right Place Might Also Provide Shade For Your Inground Pool

Posted on: 15 October 2020


If you have an inground pool that's not too far from your patio doors, you might want to have an awning put over your patio that partially extends over the pool. Residential awnings come in many styles, sizes, and colors, so one would complement your patio and pool while providing cooling shade. Here are some benefits of installing a patio awning that also casts shade on your pool.

Partial Shade Provides a Retreat From the Sun

A lot of variables go into how well a patio awning can cast shade on a swimming pool, so talk to an awning company about your ideas to make sure you'll get the amount of shade you want. You probably don't want to cover a large part of the pool in the shade because you'll want to swim in the sun much of the time. Plus, too much shade over the pool might keep the water from getting as warm as you like, and algae might grow more readily.

Instead, choose an awning that covers a small area of your pool so you can swim, float, or exercise some days without the need to put on sunscreen. Sunscreen makes an oily ring around the pool that traps bugs and other debris, so the more often you go without it, the cleaner your pool will be. However, if you swim in full sun, you need to wear sunscreen or lotion to prevent a burn.

A Retractable Awning Might Be Ideal

For the most versatility, consider a retractable awning. That way, you can get sun in your pool and on your patio when you want it and shade when you want. While shade is nice on hot and sunny days, you may enjoy sitting on your patio in the sun on cooler days, and you can easily open and close a retractable awning.

Your Home and Patio Benefit Too

While your main interest might be getting shade on your pool, when you mount an awning on the side of your house that covers your patio, your patio and house benefit too. Your pool loungers and other furniture are protected from UV rays, and you can stay on the patio comfortably while you watch your kids swim while you stay in the shade.

When the awning makes shade over your patio doors, the sun is kept outside, which could be a big benefit if your patio doors face the west or south and get a lot of sun. By blocking the sun, you reduce solar heating and glare in your house.

If the patio space near your patio doors is too large, it might not be possible for the awning to cover your pool. However, the awning might still cast shade as the sun moves across the sky. If your pool deck, patio, and pool are positioned just right, an awning might cover just enough of the pool that you can swim in shade and get more enjoyment from your pool.

For more information about installing residential awnings, contact a local professional.