Benefits Of Your Bed Being Low To The Floor

Posted on: 28 April 2023


If you want your bedroom to have a modern look, a good place to start is by choosing contemporary furniture. Many furniture stores carry a wide selection of contemporary pieces, and it can be fun to check out the designs and find items that suit your sense of style. When you look at a number of modern beds, one thing that you'll notice is that many of them sit low to the floor. This is a popular trait of contemporary beds, and while it might present a change for you if you've had a tall bed for years, it may be something that appeals to you. There are several benefits of having your bed low to the floor, including the following. 

Less Visual Clutter

Visual clutter is something that you always need to think about when you're changing the furniture in any room of your home. It's especially important to avoid creating visual clutter in a room that is small, which may be the case for your bedroom. A tall bed takes up a lot of visual space, which can often cause the room to feel a little cramped and perhaps even smaller than it actually is. A bed that is low to the floor, however, will generate very little visual clutter and help your bedroom to feel spacious.

Easy Access

Some people find that tall beds can be a challenge. If you're on the shorter side, getting in and out of a bed that sits high above the floor might feel more difficult than you want it to be. You might even worry about your safety, perhaps feeling concerned that you'll stumble climbing out of bed in the middle of the night when you need to use the bathroom. If you have kids, you might also worry about them trying to join you in bed and falling as they attempt to scale the side of the bed. A bed that sits low to the floor will unquestionably provide easy access for you and your children.

Minimal Creaking

If you move a lot while you sleep, you might be aware of your bed creaking below you as it shifts beneath your weight. This can often be noticeable in a tall bed that has long legs. The creaking can sometimes be loud, perhaps disrupting your sleep or the sleep of your partner. Lower beds often creak less because their legs are much shorter, which can make for a quieter sleeping experience.

Visit a contemporary furniture store to learn more about beds that are low to the floor.